San Diego & Orange County Asbestos Inspections: Best Prices / Same Day Response

Certified Asbestos Consulting & Asbestos Testing

Asbestos Inspection and Testing


Sampling and Laboratory Analysis are performed to determine the presence of asbestos in building and construction materials.  Proper identification allows for proper handling and regulatory compliance.

Commercial / Residential


Pre-Demolition/Renovation Inspections conducted in compliance with the Federal Asbestos NESHAP and local Air Pollution Control District requirements. San Diego and Orange County asbestos testing

Single Family Homes


Pre-Renovation Surveys identifying asbestos in building materials allow for the proper selection of contractors to ensure safe handling.  In some cases single family homes may be subject to the Federal Asbestos NESHAP and local Air District regulations.

Management Plans


A Management Plan is a prioritized set of Options for Reducing Risks and Hazards associated with asbestos containing materials

Project Design and Monitoring


Asbestos Abatement Project Design to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations 

Clearance Inspections


Visual Inspection and Air Monitoring to  verify Abatement Work was properly performed.