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Asbestos Testing in San Diego and Orange County

Lead Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment



Asbestos Inspections and Surveys

Visual inspection, sampling, and laboratory analysis to determine the presence of asbestos in building materials.  Inspections are conducted by a DOSH Certified Asbestos Consultant using EPA protocols to comply with the federal Asbestos NESHAP and local Air Pollution Control District regulations:

 San Diego Air Pollution Control District Rule 1206:

South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1403: 

Clearance Inspections are performed after work involving asbestos to ensure that removal was performed properly and de-contamination is complete.  Final air samples are taken to measure fiber concentrations in occupied spaces. 


Lead Paint Inspection and Risk Assessment

Lead Based Paint Inspections

Surface by surface inspection performed by a CDPH Certified Lead Paint Inspector / Risk Assessor in accordance with H.U.D. guidelines.  Identifies the locations and concentration of lead in painted surfaces.

Lead Paint Risk Assessments

On-site investigations to determine the existence, nature, severity, and location of lead-based paint hazards accompanied by a report explaining the results and options for reducing lead based paint hazards.

Clearance Inspections

To ensure that lead paint renovation and abatement projects have been  properly performed. 


About Us

23 Years of Air Pollution Regulatory Experience with 10 years as Asbestos Program Manager for the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District. Contributed to the development of SDAPCD Rule 1206: Asbestos Removal, Renovation, and Demolition.   Participated in the development and implementation of San Diego County's Asbestos Awareness Campaign:

Div. of Occupational Safety & Health Certified Asbestos Consultant 

Calif. Dept. Public Health Lead Paint Inspector /Risk Assessor

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